A medical examination is required as part of ones application for an adjustment of status. The purpose of this medical exam is to determine if one has any certain medical conditions, which may need further medical attention.
Our civil surgeon, Dr. Gerald M. Creed, D.O. who has been designated by the USCIS office, conducts this medical exam. Our office has been authorized and approved to provide such exams for the past eight years. The I-693 form as well as the supplemental form, I-693, will be completed at our office. Initially, you will be present at our office and undergo a series of blood tests, which include Syphilis and HIV screenings. Additionally, a Tuberculosis skin test will be performed; within 72 hours, you will return for a follow-up and undergo a thorough examination by the civil surgeon. If X-Rays are necessary, you will be referred out for further testing; we encourage you to bring a copy of your current vaccination records. If you do not have a copy of your vaccination records, or have difficulty obtaining them, we will provide you with the proper immunizations. When present at our office(s) for examinations, it is important that you have your Passport or Alien number with you.

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